Case sharing∣ Give you a pair of "hands", you can create a soft "loading and unloading" station!

April 20, 2021

At present, the electronics industry is developing rapidly. However, due to the increase in production costs such as labor, the input-output ratio of the electronics industry has become a key factor in whether a company should carry out automation transformation. Therefore, choosing a flexible and stable automation solution can help the company. Come more attractive return on investment.



The client company was established in 2008. It is a high-tech electronics company dedicated to the research and development of power line carrier communication chips and centralized meter reading system products, with an annual production capacity of 20 million chips. With the increase in orders, the wear and tear phenomenon in the production process has become more and more serious, especially the problem of loading and unloading in the production of circuit boards.


Pain points

The customer's circuit board automated production line needs to carry out loading and unloading operations, but due to the wide variety of circuit boards, the plates are prone to warping and damage during operation.

The original station equipment uses a cylinder fixture + 2D vision solution for sorting. The difficulty is that the time of visual recognition will affect the production line beat. The original equipment is easy to scratch the appearance of the circuit board during operation, and the overall equipment structure is relatively cumbersome and requires more production space.

Customers expect to be able to reduce the loss of the circuit board during the work of unloading the circuit board, so as to achieve the best result of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

The final customer chose the SRT-iEOAT solution and started to implement it.

SRT-iEOAT solution

By configuring the SRT-iEOAT solution, accurate feeding can be achieved even when the grasped object has a certain accuracy deviation. The soft flexible gripper-SFG series in the scheme has a soft surface material and will not scratch the appearance of the circuit board. The soft flexible gripper is also lighter in weight, which reduces the load of the robotic arm while saving space on the production line.
What is even more satisfying to customers is that after the SRT-iEOAT solution is configured, the cost of a set of 2D vision is saved for customers, and a robot can load two stations at the same time, which increases the efficiency of the production line by 2 times. Compared with the original fixture solution, the SRT-iEOAT solution reduces customer costs by 30%.

latest company news about Case sharing∣ Give you a pair of "hands", you can create a soft "loading and unloading" station!  0

Success case

The SRT-iEOAT solution, in addition to realizing PCB picking and loading of road boards/single-phase channel boards, is also perfectly competent for electrical switch button sorting and boxing, taking mobile phone panels/mobile phone middle frames/mobile phone cases for loading and unloading, and grabbing plastic boards. , Grab the substrate transfer/fan handling, mobile phone handling, and cutting of the transformer housing!

latest company news about Case sharing∣ Give you a pair of "hands", you can create a soft "loading and unloading" station!  1


Flexible electronic parts clamping, can be widely used in the electronics industry.


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