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Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd Factory Tour

  • Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd factory production line
  • Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd factory production line
  • Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd factory production line

Production Line

Soft robot technology originates from the research and development of soft organisms such as octopus and jellyfish. It is a new subject integrating bionics research, intelligent materials and intelligent control. The soft robot made of flexible materials can achieve continuous deformation, have unlimited freedom in principle, and have good safety and compatibility naturally.


SRT has been awarded the national high-tech enterprise, ZOL high-tech enterprise, and pass the ISO9001 quality system certification, EU AP certification, EU RoHS safety inspection certification, USA & Japan FDA certification, European CE certification, and has more than 60 intellectual property rights at home and abroad. The products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, It serves 3C, power battery, food, auto parts and other industry leading enterprises such as Foxconn, Delta, Schneider, BYD, CATL, KFC, Anjoy, Huamei Food, Faurecia, Valeo, Bosch, etc.
We have offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Zhangjiagang and Shenzhen, and overseas agencies in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Canada, Bulgaria and Colombia.


Soft Robot Tech Co., Ltd. (SRT) was founded in March 2016, it is an innovative technology company with the R&D and operation teams of Beihang University and Northeastern University as the core. SRT has a complete set of manufacturing equipment and related process equipment of soft robots in the world. To master the whole process design, manufacturing and related control technology of soft robots, it fills the market gap in the field of sorting and packaging of special-shaped and vulnerable items.