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Food Grade Silica Gel EOAT Grippers , 130g Soft Robot Gripper

Food Grade Silica Gel EOAT Grippers , 130g Soft Robot Gripper

220kPa EOAT Grippers

130g EOAT Grippers

Silica Gel Soft Robot Gripper

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EOAT Grippers



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ISC - P Series

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Product Details
EOAT Grippers
ISC - P Series
Automobile Industry, Foodindustry, 3C, Medical Equipment, Etc
Food-grade Silica Gel
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2-3 work days
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Product Description


EOAT Gripper - ISC P Series


Product Description

ISC airbag internal bracing fixture is an innovational soft fixture, designed with inspiration of puffer fish self-defending status. Through inflating air with certain pressure, the airbag can expand and realize internal bracing grasping.Since the contact part with workpiece is soft silicon rubber, after pressurized, an "air matress" can be generated between soft silicon rubber and rigid bracket.


This makes contact stress uniform and the workpiece is not easy to be damaged. In addition, the pressure of air inflated can be modified to control the range of airbag inflation and contact stress with workpiece. Therefore, flexibility of grasping can be significantly increased.


Appearance Parameters
Model Airbag height H Width A Contact interface diameter D Contact interface height B Total height N
SRT-ISC-P11 25 11.9 11 13.8 H+50


Inflation Outer Radius
Model Normal diameter(mm) Ultimate expansion diameter(mm) Ultimate air pressure(kPa) Ultimate load(g)
SRT-ISC-P11 11 14.35 220 130



SRT flexible gripper has various models, aiming at different shapes, sizes and weights, it has launched targeted solutions:

1. Ball-like and flat objects should choose circular distributed grippers. Long and slim objects should select symmetric distributedgrippers.

2. Smaller objects should select tight grippers with short fingers. Bigger objects should select adjustable grippers with longer fingers.

3. Lighter objects can select small grippers with less fingers. Heavier objects can select big grippers with more fingers.


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