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One Click Automatic Angle Positioner Machine Vision Products

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SRT
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Detail Information
Type: X-ray Operational Mode: Semi-automatic
Setting Speed: Cross-belt
High Light:

Angle Positioner Machine Vision Products


One click automatic Angle Positioner

Product Description

Angle Positioner

Fields of application

Vacuum cup manufacturing field-Machine vision.pdf


Identify the welding seam, LOGO, sink mark and other parts of the thennos, and automatically rotate to the specified angle after the identification.


Functions of the equipment


One-click automatic operation, jog control, stop and other functions, real-time display of detection images, detection of data and results, operation status, NG alarm and fault prompts, internal and external weld seam detection, creation of new templates, adjustment and editting of template parameters, and generation and storage of multiple templates.




According to specific products, angles can be positioned from the top or side, and product changeover can be completed with one click. Based on the independent Smart Vision technology, it provides users with precise positioning and a friendly interface.



Angle positioning workstation


The workstation mainly provides the integrated customization and robot debugging services at the automated workstation for the angle positioning of the thermos cups, to realize the fully automatic loading/unloading and visual positioning inspection of the workstation.


fl Thermos cup image locator

The device can detect the cup model at different weld seam positions as demanded, with the internal weld seam compatible with the external weld seam.


Q Loading/unloading six-axis robot

The double-claw six-axis robot can meet the requirements of large-angle rotation and long-distance loading and unloading. The double-claw design facilitates loading and unloading to improve the tempo of the production line.


B Guide/feed conveyor belt

The backflow method can avoid material jam and uninterrupted cycled transmission.

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