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Applications of Robot

August 16, 2021

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Because of the disadvantages of manual work on the production line, such as high labour intensity and poor precision control, it is now gradually being replaced by industrial robots or special machines.



Industrial robots offer unparalleled advantages in terms of high accuracy in repeat positioning, high reliability, flexibility and automation. Compared to manual labor, they can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. Compared to specialized machines, they are characterized by flexible production and small investment scale.


Robots are currently available in a wide range of applications, mainly in handling, grinding, polishing, welding, painting and assembly, and are very mature.

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Successful Cases

Case 1

Stamping loading and unloading project for an Auto Parts customer.

The stamping line consists of seven Yaskawa robots. The implementation of this project has greatly reduced the intensity of manual labour, improved labour conditions, ensured production safety and increased labour productivity and product quality.

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Case 2

Machine loading and unloading project for a valve factory

Machine processing line workpieces often need to go through multiple machining processes, and the process of moving from one machining cell to another requires a fast and accurate loading of the workpiece onto a fixture by the robot to ensure efficiency. One robot can be responsible for the loading and unloading of several machining centers in the form of a zigzag travel axis or a linear travel axis, making efficient use of space in the machining area. The project is laid out in a zigzag pattern, with one robot corresponding to three machining centers.

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Case 3

Automatic beverage server project

The project is an automatic beverage server for an internationally renowned fast food chain, containing 16 products such as cola, coffee, juice, orange juice and ice cream. The combination of the UR collaborative robot and the soft gripper effectively addresses the soft, difficult-to-grip nature of the cups. It can effectively increase the efficiency of in-store staff, save manpower and also save space.

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