EXPO LIVE丨The Revolutionary Technology of SRT Soft Robot

August 24, 2021

"SRT Soft Robot" was presented at the 2020 China International Industry Fair with a series of flexible grippers and new EOAT solutions, aiming to help customers overcome the difficulties of intelligent manufacturing in several traditional industries and redefine the future of robotic automation.

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Shaped, fragile and flexible products account for about 96% of all industrial products in the production process, including vegetables, fabrics and foodstuffs, which cannot be transported by traditional mechanical grippers. In response to this situation, soft robot technology was created. Soft robot technology involves elastomeric material technology, soft robot structure design and control technology, with a high degree of technical complexity. At this stage, only two companies in the world have mastered this technology. "SRT Soft Robot" conducts cooperation with industries, universities and research institutes in various technical directions, such as soft robot structure design, mechanism analysis, material proportioning and molding process, in order to ensure that our technology level maintains its leading position in the international industry.


SRT products have characteristics such as anti-scratch, accurate gripping, safe and non-toxic material, anti-static, friction resistant, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, reliable gripping and low cost.


The SFG series flexible grippers allows for non-destructive gripping of all kinds of shaped parts and fragile items. SFG has unlimited flexibility and can be seamlessly integrated with collaborative robots, thus overcoming automated gripping challenges in many industries and providing a solution for further integrated factory automation.

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SFG flexible grippers grasp mobile phone bezels & circuit boards


The SLG series indirect drive grippers are infinitely adaptable to extremely small spaces and are able to grip products such as precision components, micro parts, precious objects (e.g. Jewelry) and small glass containers (e.g. Ampules) without damage.

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SLG indirect drive gripper showing the gripping of ampules & batteries


The SRT Soft Armour Hand Rehabilitation Robot uses the results of the company's flexible gripper research to simulate human hand's movement. And thanks to the use of a purely soft material, it deforms itself when the patient's movement is impeded, avoiding the large loads on the patient's hand and aiding the rehabilitation of post-cardiovascular patients in a safe and injury-free manner.

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SRT Soft Armour perfectly simulates the stretching and gripping movements of the human hand


An exciting live interview not to be missed

Today, the company's CEO Gao Shaolong and CTO Bao Lei were live interviewed by China Central Television, Robotics Online and other media, leading the audience to explore the mysteries of SRT's soft robot technology. In addition, there will be more exciting events on site not to be missed! September 15-19, at C209, Hall 8.1H, CIIF, SRT will be there for you!


Nowadays, SRT Soft Robots' product series of "flexible grippers" are sold worldwide. We are proud of the significant impact that our technology has had on our industry-leading customers. Our dynamic and growing team of engineers, managers and R&D members are building the future of robotic automation. We are just getting started and we expect continuous cooperation with you!