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【SRT | Application】Breakthrough applications of SFG soft grippers in food industry

August 6, 2021

As conventional labor intensive industry, food industry has growing demand of automation upgrades due to continuous increase of labor costs.


Fresh food is an industry that deals with fragile, vulnerable and irregular shaped objects and demands a lot in hygiene standards. Therefore traditional mechanical grippers are not suitable for this industry because they can not meet the requirements of grasping irregular-shaped and vulnerable targets.


Aiming at this application challenge of this industry, Soft Robot Tech Co.,Ltd(SRT) creatively developed SFG soft gripper series. Today let’s see the “hands of intelligence” of food industry.


We can see that the SFG soft grippers adapt coated-type grabbing method in practical application and realize fast, stable and accurate grasping motions. Their soft fingers are completely made from soft materials so that no rigid impact is produced when they contact targets, which makes sure that the grasped food is not harmed and operators are safe. At the same time, soft grippers have passed FDA food certification in USA and Japan and AP certification in European Union, which means that these soft grippers are qualified to make direct contact with foods and cause no pollution.

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High flexibility is also available if soft gripping technologies are applied in food production, and small batch production requirements of customized products can be met. For example, compact gripper series (SFG-FTN) is specially designed for dealing with lightweight and small sized products. Overall dimension of this gripper is small and this gripper is applicable in grabbing objects in confined spaces. Moreover, the grasping motions of this gripper have high adaptability, high accuracy and high stability.


Whether the targets are fresh foods in various sizes, beans of 4mm diameter, fragile and vulnerable raw eggs, or freshly baked hot biscuits, SFG soft gripper can coordinate well with cooperative robots and then grab and sort these targets fast and accurately. Compared to manually sorting, locating and placing, SFG soft grippers are safer, more accurate and more reliable.


Food industry has already been going through the important moment of transition and upgrading, relative enterprises are required to increase production capacity yet simultaneously guarantee quality. Therefore, the effective and dexterous SFG soft grippers, which can satisfy many customized demands, are favored by more and more enterprises.