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SRT completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, leading the development and innovation of soft robot technology

June 2, 2022

Recently, Beijing Soft Robot Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "SRT") completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was jointly invested by E-Town International Investment Co., LTD., a government-affiliated company, and Xinchuang I Fund, which was jointly established and funded by Beijing Sme Development Fund.



latest company news about SRT completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, leading the development and innovation of soft robot technology  0


Principle-level innovation, subversion of traditional rigid robot technology

According to a report released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the existing industrial industry has only solved about 3%-4% of the automatic handling problems of regular and rigid objects, while the remaining 96% of flexible, irregular and fragile products still need manual handling. The emergence of soft robot technology derived from mollusk bionics has brought a solution to the above problems. Soft robot technology can realize the safe and non-destructive grabbing and handling of food, agricultural products and special-shaped workpiece with more reasonable cost, pushing the application of global robot technology to a broader scene.



latest company news about SRT completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, leading the development and innovation of soft robot technology  1


The world's first vacuum cup spinning automatic production line

From the point of view of technology itself, the flexibility of soft robot is a subversion and impact on the traditional rigid robot technology. The traditional rigid gripper is restricted by the shape, size, softness and other factors of the target workpiece, which can not meet the needs of automation upgrading of some enterprises. The voice of the market for soft robot is further expanded, and the market segment of soft robot has also welcomed a new inflection point. SRT CEO Gao Shaolong believes that soft robot has a new machine form, it can be described as a revolutionary principle level innovation, for many traditional industries to solve the "neck" handling technical problems, support a number of traditional industries to achieve leapfrog development from manual production to automated production, brewing infinite possibilities in the future.


Breaking through the industry boundaries of traditional rigid grippers, innovative applications of bionics

Soft robot technology is an emerging subject integrating bionics research, intelligent materials and intelligent control. It involves elastic material technology, soft robot structure design, integrated forming technology of complex elastic body and flexible body control technology..


SRT has the whole process design, manufacture and related control technology of soft robot. Based on the whole chain cooperation mode of industry-university-research, and relying on the domestic manufacturing industry foundation, SRT gives full play to the advantage of industrialization synergy, and the relevant technology level continues to be in the forefront of the industry. The innovative end-effector, developed by SRT, is able to mimic the simple and repetitive work of the human hand, solving the "last centimetre" problem of industrial automation and filling the market gap in the sorting and packaging of irregular and fragile items.



latest company news about SRT completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, leading the development and innovation of soft robot technology  2


At present, SRT products have been used in semiconductor, food fresh, 3C electronics, auto parts, medical devices and medical high-value consumables and other industries. In addition, SRT continues to expand the incremental market by innovating the technological advantages of end-effectors and providing enterprises with total automation solutions, including building unmanned intelligent factories and digital platforms to realize digital production.

Ezhuang international Investment said: China is a global manufacturing country, with the disappearance of demographic dividend and the improvement of automation technology, industrial automation upgrade is imminent. SRT is committed to providing integrated industrial automation solutions for the industrial sector, not only effectively solve the automatic handling of irregular and vulnerable items in the industrial sector, but also to provide enterprises with the overall solution of automatic upgrading. The technical advantages of its products are also constantly spreading among customers. At present, it has covered many industrial customers, deeply engaged in many industries such as thermos cups, prepared vegetables and medical treatment, providing automatic overall solutions. Demonstrated strong customer stickiness and business growth. We continue to pay close attention to the upgrading of industrial automation in China and believe that SRT can contribute to industrial automation in China.


SRT is one of the few enterprises in the field of automation with unique technological advantages, and is a typical "specialized and innovative" enterprise, according to The first phase of Xinchuang Capital. The company team has strategic vision and landing ability, and has the ability to transform the company's characteristic technology advantages into business value. Through the pyramid-type business structure, the company has achieved low cost customer acquisition with characteristic flexible end-effector, improved customer unit price in key industries with polishing customer process package, and achieved scale economy effect with standardization of machines. It has shown good growth potential and is expected to grow into a "little giant" and invisible champion enterprise. Smic I Fund is honored to have the opportunity to work with SRT's excellent enterprise team to continuously upgrade core technologies and further refine advantageous scenarios in an industry where robot automation is gradually replaced by periodicality. While achieving commercial success, SMIC I Fund also contributes to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.


SRT, as one of the specialized and special "little giant" enterprises, insists on applying traction, gives full play to the advantages of technology r&d and process r&d, unites with more like-minded partners, enables the quality upgrade of China's traditional manufacturing industry, and helps China's traditional enterprises get rid of the labor-intensive mode. To compete in the global market with the new posture of "Intelligent manufacturing".