SRT power Household and Personal Care Products Production line run acceleration!

June 2, 2022

In a short period of more than 20 years, China's daily chemical industry has formed a nascent scale, extremely vibrant industrial army. With the rapid economic development, the per capita disposable income continues to rise, and consumers consume more frequently and spend more money. In 2020, it will be 340 billion yuan. In 2021, the total retail sales of cosmetics will reach 402.6 billion yuan, with an increase of 18.41%, creating the largest increase in the total retail sales of cosmetics in 8 years. At present, there are more than 4000 cosmetics enterprises in the domestic market, and the competition in the industry is also increasing. In the whole production process, the transformation to automated production has become one of the key elements to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


For the refined labor links such as sorting and assembly in production, the use of ISC airbag-type inner support fixtures on the production line can imitate the simple and repetitive labor of human hands, solve the "last centimeter" problem of industrial automation production, and fill in the special-shaped and vulnerable There is a gap in the market for items in sorting and packaging.


Results exceed expectations

A well-known cosmetics company in China needs to assemble white plastic components accurately into spiral grooves during product manufacturing. The white plastic component, with a diameter of 9mm and a depth of 12mm, is the core component of the lipstick tube and carries the torque and smoothness of the whole lipstick tube product. Its inner wall with strip fascia, plastic as the base material, in the production process easy to appear damage, scratch phenomenon.


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Manual operation, repetitive action is easy to fatigue, low efficiency, durability and specificity are not as good as automatic production equipment; The introduction of traditional clamping claw, clamping force is large and uncontrollable, easy to cause damage to the inner wall of lipstick tendons, resulting in a large increase in the proportion of fixed expenses of enterprises. Customers have been looking for an automated production solution that enables fast, lossless automated sorting and assembly.


ISC gasbag inner support fixture is an innovative flexible fixture designed to imitate the puffer fish self-defense form and bionic design. The gasbag's ultimate expansion range is 5.4-35.5mm, which can realize flexible feeding from multiple angles in a narrow space.


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SRT carried out automatic transformation and upgrading of the production line, one station matched with two sets of ISC internal fixtures, and the line operated 7*24 hours a day, producing nearly 30,000 lipsticks a day. ISC internal-support fixtures are easy to program and deploy, and can perform repetitive and monotonous tasks requiring high precision without changing the production layout. This flexibility can increase the variety of applications in the production line, truly flexible production.


Nondestructive and traceless contact
ISC modular design and food safety structure design, in accordance with the quality management system ISO9001 certification, in the process of customer use, to ensure the quality and safety of equipment, so that the products do not have any scratches or damage.


High density array layout design

Using a number of ISC internal support fixture high-density array layout design, pick peak is once every two seconds, 130 times/minute extraction and placing action, no omission or material dropping phenomenon, high-frequency picking speed and reliability make each work station process through each other, the whole automatic production line "stable, accurate and fast".


Safe and sterile processing

Lipstick production in the process of production equipment cleanliness requirements are extremely high. ISC gasbag internals are well sealed and stable to ensure that no dust enters and cleaning procedures including high-temperature water or chemical combinations do not penetrate the fixture surface, so they can be safely used for aseptic handling and assembly of precision components in lipstick. Steam disinfection is recommended before use, or a small amount of alcohol can be used for disinfection, but the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will cause the appearance of the product yellow.



Product application Is used to assist in the production of electronic products, computers and peripheral products, communication products, office equipment parts, auto parts, precision medical equipment, cosmetics, bath products, bottle embryos or narrow space rapid and accurate application.


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