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Supermarket robots automatically pick and replenish goods, and smart shopping is at your side


Latest company news about Supermarket robots automatically pick and replenish goods, and smart shopping is at your side

Nowadays, with the development of global economy, commodities have become short and thin. The fast-paced life situation and the popularity of online shopping make the circulation of goods tend to be just-in-time, multi-variety and small-batch.The types and quantities of goods distributed by distribution centers have increased sharply, and the proportion of sorting operations in distribution centers is increasing. The workload of sorting accounts for about 40%-60% of the workload of chain supermarket distribution centers,that is the most labor- and time-consuming task.


At present, most distribution centers are manually sorting. Obviously, with the aggravation of sorting operations, especially the improvement of supermarket service quality, the shortening of distribution response time, and the increase of commodity varieties, manual sorting alone will not be able to satisfy Large-scale sorting and distribution requirements show that sorting operations have become an important work link.


"Farewell to the traditional model, with the ding-dong of the order system, it is no longer the employees pushing the shopping cart to sort the goods, but a pair of "soft robot hands" working in an orderly manner."


The operating frequency of soft gripper can be 110PM,maximum repeating precision 0.08mm and maximum load 10kg.The lifespan of grasping can reach more than 3 million times,easily satisfying most requirements of assemblies., high manipulation accuracy and high fit, and is used for the gripping of shaped and fragile items.


After receiving the order from the system, the robot quickly locates the designated product on the shelf, plans the shortest path, takes out the corresponding product smoothly, and puts it into the designated shopping basket.



Equipped with SRT flexible jaws, the robot is not only capable of faster and more accurate picking and placing, but also highly compatible with shape, size and weight. In the gripping process, whether it is facing shaped barrels of food, fruits and vegetables of different shapes, or fragile large packages of chips, it can bend and wrap the products like a human hand, and also does not produce rigid impact, achieving efficient and non-destructive sorting.


No matter in the hot summer or in the cold winter, the SRT flexible gripper can sort goods continuously and in large quantities, freeing workers from this repetitive and high-intensity work, reducing the labor intensity of employees and improving staff efficiency. In addition to grasping, the SRT flexible gripper can also perform other fine movements such as lifting, clicking, pressing, and pushing. The whole body is made of standard silicone rubber (food grade) material, which can directly contact the surface of food without causing pollution or rigid impact.
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With the continuous development of science and technology, automatic sorting systems, automatic warehouses, three-dimensional warehouses, etc. have become popular, which not only realizes the functions of automatic information collection, automatic sorting of items, automatic transportation, automatic storage, etc., but also realizes the information of commodity logistics. high-speed, automated, and intelligent. Unmanned sorting, automatic replenishment, and unmanned vehicle and drone delivery in supermarkets are also future trends.


In the intelligent production line sorting link for soft, uneven, deformed, ultra-thin, easily broken non-standard packaging, products with too small gaps, products of different sizes and weights and shapes sorting and handling are the application range of i-EOAT intelligent end-effector - SRT flexible gripper.


If you want to increase the workload and optimize the automated production line process, you can call 400-186-7770 to talk to SRT experts at any time to help you find suitable solutions.

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