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Transport Robot Application Platform

Transport Robot Application Platform

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Product Details
Equipment Dimension:
Equipment Weight:
Robot Maximum Tempo:
20 Times/min
Supply Power:
AC220V/AC380V 50HZ±10%
Installation Capacity:
Rated Power:
Air Pressure:
Working Environment:
0° C~50° C RH ≤ 70%
Product Type:
Industrial Equipment
380V 3phase
Rated Payload:
120 Kg
Welding Speed:
Normal 5~50mm/s
Material Type:
Food Industry: Leisure Snacks, Vegetables And Fruits, Meat, Eggs And Aquatic Products, Dairy Baking, Frozen Fresh Food, Dried Preserves, Alcoholic Beverages And Milk Drinks, Etc; Non Food Industries: Daily Chemical Care, Stationery And Toys, Insulated Cups
Automatic Grade:
Various Geometric Shapes
Material Weight:
≤ 30kg
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
$2000 to $100000
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
1-4 weeks
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
5000 units per year
Product Description



  • There are many types of product packaging, and the related product characteristics, packaging materials, and customer requirements vary greatly;
  • Surveys show that packaging equipment does not have a clear need for a robot's range of degrees of freedom and has high requirements for load capacity;
  • The market has a huge demand for packaging equipment that is highly flexible, easy to operate, and adaptable to a wide range of materials;
  • There is an urgent need to develop fexible, standardized packaging application platforms featuring simple degrees of freedom, medium to high workloads, and compatibility with a wide range of material handling and mechanisms to meet market demand and provide better economic value to customers in terms of production and sales.




  • The platform includes material conveying and processing systems, standardized workstations for gripping, cartoning, and conveying and processing materials, and standardized workstations for gripping and loading;
  • In a modular way, each stand-alone machine is tightly integrated into an automated production line;
  • It realizes the full automation of package opening and loading, outer packaging box/carton conveying, material position checking and gripping, cartoning and covering;
  • Meet customers' diferent product and packaging needs and provide maximum production efciency and fexibility;
  • Modular mechanical design supports quick replacement and minimizes downtime; improve work efciency and quality stability.

Transport Robot Application Platform 0


  1. Standardized workstation for opening and loading packages
  2. Conveying and material processing system
  3. Standardized workstation for gripping, cartoning, conveying and processing
  4. Standardized workstation for gripping, and loading

Save energy and reduce labor costs


The automated production line is composed of multiple modular single machines, which can completely replace labor and ensure continuous production of the production line 24 hours a day


In comparison to manual labour, the use of automated processes has resulted in a 30% increase in production efficiency, hence leading to a reduction in labour costs


The entire machine occupies only 3.1*5.7m of space, with low investment and short construction period



Modular design suitable for multiple industries


The modular design possesses the capability to adapt to the diverse requirements of distinct product attributes, packaging materials, and clients across a multitude of industries;


Products in the food industry that require primary packaging (e.g. vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs and aquatic products, etc.) and secondary packaging (e.g. alcoholic beverages and dairy products, etc.)


Thermos cups, hardware, cosmetics and other products that need to be cartoned in the non-food industry


The equipment exhibits user-friendly operation and a notable level of standardization, so offering customers enhanced economic value in both manufacturing and sales processes.



Flexible deployment to meet various production needs


One machine is compatible with a wide range of packaging material specifcations


Collaborative robot grips materials through visual inspection, no need for repeated manual debugging


The repeatable positioning accuracy of the system is capable of achieving a tolerance of ±0.2mm. Furthermore, the placement position exhibits a high level of accuracy, flatness, and efficiency, thereby satisfying the requirements for mass production


Adopting multi-grip gripping method for opening, cartoning, covering and transporting, with modular design of matching tooling fxture, which can be quickly changed for diferent materials


Each stand-alone machine possesses a standardized design, exhibiting a compact construction, and may be integrated in many confgurations to permit adaptable deployment


According to the requirements of different production processes, the automated production line is strategically positioned at an appropriate station to facilitate its layout and utilization.


Transport Robot Application Platform 1    Transport Robot Application Platform 2




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